First grade



1st Grade Literacy course utilizes innovative integration ideas to incorporate social studies and science lessons into the language Arts curriculum. This integration will make learning more purposeful and intriguing. The main theme for the whole course of instruction is “God made the Heavens and the Earth.” The course focuses on phonics, reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. It applies their learning into many fiction and non-fiction studies while applying these skills to the subject areas of social studies and science. The entire literacy course is interwoven with God’s truths and principles. Literature selections will benefit students in developing strong reading comprehension and fluency skills. Additionally, creative writing strategies are used in this course to assist students in expressing their thoughts effectively. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Exploring the World, Digging Deep, The Ocean Blue, The Giving Tree, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, Oh My Stars!, Who’s Who in the Zoo?, Home Sweet Home, Me and My Family, and My World.

First Grade Literacy Syllabus and Supply List

First Grade Literacy Reading List



1st grade Bible course teaches the students about different characters in the Bible and how they can learn from their lives. Through the utilization of God's Truths, engaging materials and intriguing technology activities, students will explore the lives of many important characters. Each unit contains a character education lesson for real life application. Each lesson includes an opening activity, biblical passage, activity, life verse, and prayer opportunity. Students will focus on passages from the Bible and will learn about important Christian character traits. This Bible course is designed to help students greatly expand their knowledge of God and His love for them through learning about His grace and love shown in these stories. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Creation, Characters from the Bible, The Birth of Jesus, The Life and Miracles of Jesus, Parables of Jesus, The Story of Easter, To God Be the Glory, and Christian Lessons through Music.

First Grade Bible Syllabus and Supply List



1st Grade Math course provides students with exceptional opportunities to make real Biblical worldview connections to math through engaging lessons, materials and activities. The math course utilizes hands on learning opportunities in each math unit that helps the students to review their prior knowledge and continue to build a solid foundation for future learning. An end of the unit math performance task provides for the students to apply knowledge in a real learning experience that will make their learning concrete and relevant. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Number Sense, Place Value, Fractions, Shapes, Estimation of Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Fact Families, Word Problems, 2 digit equations, Money, time, Calendar, and Measurement.

First Grade Math Syllabus and Supply List