Second grade



2nd Grade Bible course will utilize Scripture and Biblical characters to teach Christian character traits that students need in everyday life. Not only will they learn and apply character traits to their own life, they will learn Scripture through Bible verses and how to apply these verses to life. Students will explore a wide range of character traits which include: Forgiveness, Kindness, Love, Obedience, Prayer, Respect, and Self-Control

Second Grade Bible Syllabus and Supply List


Language Arts

2nd grade Language Arts program will enhance literary skills in each student. Literary sections with spelling, grammar, and writing skills are included. The student will progress in phonetic strategies when reading. This course will focus on comprehension and ways to decode words. Fiction and non-fiction books will be utilized in teaching literary components. All components will be based upon Biblical truths as found in the Bible. Students will read a wide range of books which include: Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel, Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant, Arthur’s Reading Race by Marc Brown, Duck on a Bike by David Shannon, Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson, and Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.

Second Grade Language Arts Syllabus and Supply List

Second Grade Language Arts Reading List



2nd grade math course will develop number sense within each student. It will prepare the student’s for the next level of math. The Biblical basis for math and real-life activities will be presented to show the need for and usefulness of mathematics in the world. Reviews and speed drills will be implemented for basic math recall. This is all to prepare the student by building new concepts upon previous concepts. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Place Value, Problem Solving, Rounding, Fractions, Shapes and Patterns, Algebra, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Money, Measurement, Probability, and Multiplication.

Second Grade Math Syllabus and Supply List



2nd grade history program will provide opportunities for students to explore and see how the United States has developed through Christian leadership and goals. A focus is put on patriotic holidays and how they came into existence. We will see how God has blessed this nation because they have followed Him. We will also talk about citizenship and our role as Christians in the community. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Map Skills, Citizenship, Thanksgiving, Patriotic Holidays, Christmas Around the World, Timelines, Consumer Choices, Native Americans, Community, and Colonial America.

Second Grade History Syllabus and Supply List



2nd grade science course will show God’s creation in all of science. Many hands-on activities will be incorporated to show exactly how a concept works or is displayed. Journals will be used to observe and note observations that are made. God’s creation and design of our world will be the emphasized. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: Nutrition, Solar System, Plants, Weather, Animals, Dinosaurs, Electricity, Sound, Magnets, and Force and Motion.

Second Grade Science Syllabus and Supply List