EIGHTH Grade Classes


Bible – 1 credit

The goal of this course is to equip each student with an introduction and understanding of major Bible doctrines and how they relate to his/her life. This will be accomplished by surveying major themes, characters and life principles found in the Bible. The objective is to take the timeless truths of God’s Word and make them relevant and applicable in each student’s life. The student will be challenged to learn biblical concepts and doctrines, memorize scripture, and spend time daily reading the Bible.

Eighth Grade Bible Syllabus

Prerequisites: None


English 8 – 1 credit

In English 8, students learn grammar rules that review and build on previous grades and are challenged to build an expanding vocabulary through higher level word studies. Students incorporate this knowledge into their writing through the creation of original writing pieces as well as recognition of terms in published works. Writing is an integral part of this curriculum as students learn not only the basics of the writing process, but also how to create original pieces in a number of different writing genres. Literature, too, is a strong element in this English class. Students read works from various genres and cultures, and respond to these works by means of projects and response pieces. All elements of this class are taught from a Biblical worldview that analyzes secular worldview messages that students encounter in their society daily.

English 8 Syllabus

English 8 Reading List

Prerequisites: None


Pre-Algebra – 1 credit

Pre-Algebra is an introductory algebra course designed to prepare students for Algebra I. Pre-algebra will review basic math concepts regarding number sense and the rules regarding math operations and the order of implementation. Students taking pre-algebra will practice concepts taught in previous math courses at higher levels and in ways that will broaden their skills. Students will also practice algebraic thinking in order to model and solve real world problems. Geometric concepts and related formulas will be linked to algebraic thinking to prepare students for future courses.

Pre-Algebra Syllabus

Prerequisites: None


Physical Science – 1 credit

Physical Science (SCI 0800) is an introduction to chemistry and physics with an emphasis on practicing the scientific method. God’s love for balance in the world He has created will become evident. Scientists will be introduced who built their theories, on the Bible, and observational science. Student experiments are woven through the lessons so they can experience the thrill of science and understand the “new language” being learned.

Physical Science Syllabus

Physical Science Supply List

Prerequisites: None


Civics – 1 credit

8th Grade Civics course explores the many aspects of America’s government. Lessons cover fundamental values and principles, rights, responsibilities, limits, founding documents, Biblical foundations of the U.S. government, and the roles of the branches of government. This course introduces students to state government, political parties, and economics. Topics in this course will enable students to learn about their government so that they can be equipped with the tools they need to be informed and engaged citizens.

Eighth Grade Civics Syllabus

Prerequisites: None