English 9 – 1 credit

Ninth grade English continues to build on the sequential review and development of grammar and communication skills in writing. An evaluation of world literature develops analytical skills using examples of short stories, the novella, the novel, poetry, and drama selected from a variety of periods and authors. A research paper using appropriate style, format and documentation will examine the conflict between the secular moral struggle and the Christian worldview.

English 9 Syllabus

English 9 Reading List

Prerequisites: 8th Grade English

Recommended Grade Levels: 9th


English 10 – 1 credit

English 10 undertakes the study of the literature of the ancient civilizations (Hebrew, Greek, Roman, etc.) and European literature during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, The Age of Rationalism, the Romantics and Realists, and the literature of the Modern world. Grammar and vocabulary will also be studied as well as research and writing.

English 10 Syllabus

English 10 Reading List

Prerequisites: 9th Grade English

Recommended Grade Levels: 10th


English 11 – 1 credit

At the start of the course, students will be guided through a series of lessons purposed specifically at helping all students become more mature writers and more astute readers. These reading and writing skills will then be continuously reinforced throughout the remainder of the course lessons. The 11th grade English course places its literary focus on texts specifically from American Literature. Two modules take students through a comprehensive summary of American literature, spanning from the first settlers and their writings through every major literary period, including: the Age of Faith, Age of Reason, the Romantic and Realist movements, the Harlem Renaissance, and up to Modern day literature. Literary genres will include: poetry, short stories, personal diaries, nonfiction essays, a novel, and drama. Students will be able to study the classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, and also the drama Our Town. As students read to understand literature, they will be able to reflect on the literary works through various styles of writing, including: creative writing, expository writing, essay and short answer responses, and thoughtful literary analysis. The writing portion of 11th grade will also include a full research module in which students will be able to go through the various stages of creating a proper, grade-level appropriate research project, culminating with a well-developed research paper.

English 11 Syllabus

English 11 Reading List

Prerequisites: 10th Grade English

Recommended Grade Levels: 11th


English 12 – 1 credit

English 12 provides the student with a broad overview of British Literature from the Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, and the Renaissance periods through the Modern. Seniors will take on the challenge of the British masters including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, and many others. Uniting the study of various genres will be extensive writing activities as well as vocabulary, grammar, and research.

English 12 Syllabus

English 12 Reading List

Prerequisites: 11th Grade English

Recommended Grade Levels: 12th