why alliance academy global?




Alliance Academy Global is a U.S. based online program aligned with Alliance Academy International’s (AAI) onsite internationally renowned Christian K12 English school located in Quito, Ecuador. AAI was founded in 1929 and Alliance Academy Global was developed in 2013, both with the intention of providing students from all over the world with an accredited English speaking education, which meets the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACs) AdvancedEd accreditation and American Christian Schools International (ACSI) accreditation. With our mission to focus on Eternity, Excellence and Community, Alliance Academy Global prepares students to be the future leaders of tomorrow around the world. Providing Kindergarten through high school American style education online, Alliance Academy Global students have the opportunity to prepare in advanced level courses, dual credit programs with U.S. universities to help form a well-rounded individual.

Parents choose Alliance Academy Global for its international reputation as a world renowned American style, accredited K12 school which provides the tools for students to excel at the college level and in the professional world. In addition, they appreciate the Christian foundation and international nature of the curriculum, which helps form students academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Furthermore, online education inherently focuses on the ability to assist students in learning to think critically, to develop the skills of managing their time efficiently and to prepare them for post-secondary education anywhere in the world.